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Soul Shakers


Reggae. Bass. High levels of energy. Key ingredients to a happy life you say?

The lads in Soul Shakers have been living to these standards ever since they gave the music scene a go, back in 2007. After a two year experimental phase, they came out with a better understanding of the modern day musical landscape and a clear goal in mind: mix the best of both Jamaican culture music and modern UK bass. Their love for these two benchmarks has defined them ever since.

Today, Soul Shakers fire off relentlessly rolling breaks, excessively deep subs and a performance that is so honest none will be left doubting their intentions. An average Soul Shakers set features styles like, but not limited to Hip Hop, Grime, Reggae, Garage, Jungle, Dub and Dancehall. These guys are true to the bone. Logically, international gigs didn’t take long to follow up..

The Last few years have seen them launch Lighters Up, a new concept full of grade A names. Supporting acts like Major Lazer, Dj Funk, Shy FX, Rodigan, FS Green, Suns of Dub, Soom T, Cadenza, Shepdog and Mungo’s Hi Fi, Soul Shakers are crafting their skills non stop, a broad grin on their faces while they’re at it. Whether you like it or not, the lads are coming for the throne. Soul Shakers Soundsystem was conceived with MC Mota, out of the love for their roots.

December 2015 will be spent in Jamaica, recording vocalists and making the documentary. Onwards and upwards, 2016 has a lot in store for them. Think own releases, exclusive remixes, more thrillings Lighters Up events, a lot of festival bookings for Soul Shakers Soundsystem,...

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22:30 - 23:45


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