Mosimann is stamping his mark in the music industry as one of the new DJ/Producers emerging at the forefront of the French electronic music scene. Since his debut back in 2006, he has never stopped working hard developing his stage set-up, and the reward for all this hard work is the outstanding achievement of being ranked 4 years consecutively in the worldwide poll Top100 DJs (DJ Mag) from 2012 to 2015, and therefore in the 5 best French DJs of the world. After his huge media coverage in 2008 (he won the French ‘Pop Idol’ with 8 million of TV-viewers as the first DJ-singer), Quentin got a double gold record in 2009 in Universal Music, has been elected Best Dance DJ in 2011 (Only For DJs), and elected Best French DJ 2014 (Fun Radio European DJ awards).

These rewards illustrate his talents as a musician and especially as a showman at every performance. He has created his own unique style of performance and established himself as one of the most enigmatic DJs in the world. His interaction with the crowd is electric, combining mixing with singing, playing the synthesizer, scratching and performing a solo drums set, sometimes even playing on ‘flying turntables’ that rise 8m high and bow 80° forward, making his sets truly unique: The stage became his playground.

Waving between his electro-house and progressive style, it seems that Quentin found himself as a producer with his last releases ‘TUMF’, ‘Back To The Groove’, ‘Red Sole’ (Change Your Mind records), ‘Happy Ending’ (Musical Noize), ‘Dracarys’ (Black Hole Recordings), or more recently his official remix for David Guetta on ‘What I Did For Love’ (EMI, What A Music) or for Bob Sinclar on ‘Feel The Vibe’, playlisted by some of his models and each time appearing on the Beatport charts.

Therefore, besides his status of Coach on the well-known TV show ‘The Voice’ in Belgium in 2012/2013 and 2015, of flagship weekly guest DJ on Fun Radio (biggest EDM French radio) for 2 seasons, the French « DJ-Singer » represents first and mostly a worldwide high- level performer with a global clubs and festivals tour with more than 150 gigs per year.

This is by touring all around the world that he was able to extend and preserve a huge active community of fans: more than four millions webpage visits in total, more than 330’000 Facebook fans, 100’000 monthly downloads of his podcast ‘House Bless You by Mosimann’ free on iTunes, and thousands of comments left by his fans who especially appreciate his DJ spinning and entertaining.

This singing DJ, has created his own eclectic innovative style, offering the satisfaction of an exceptional show.

Mirage mainstage

20:00 - 21:00


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