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Lil' Kleine


Lil Kleine catapulted to fame with thé track of 2015, ‘Drank en Drugs‘, which he recorded with Ronnie Flex, a hugely popular hit, then and now, especially with the teen crowd. Within four weeks the track, and its remarkable video, garnered over 4 million views on YouTube. The song did not go unnoticed abroad either. ‘Drank en Drugs’ achieved good rankings on national charts in Belgium, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands Antilles, to name but a few. The song ‘Drank en Drugs’ is featured on the Top Notch label’s New Wave album, which was released in April 2015. The album is the result of the musical gathering of the best rappers in the Netherlands, including Lil Kleine. His stake in this album is enormous.

In January of this year, New Wave was even awarded the Popprijs and the Edison Pop 2016 in two categories! On top of that, the past year also saw a gold award for sales of over 20,000 copies of the album, including the gold, platinum and triple platinum single awards for his hits ‘Investeren in de Liefde‘, ‘Hoog/Laag‘, ‘No Go Zone‘, ‘Zeg dat niet‘ and, obviously, ‘Drank en Drugs‘.

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