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Liévin vs DJ Turbo


Great news for houselovers, Dj Turbo starts DJing as a passion that got out of hand. With his big  love for house, retro, trance and progressive trance he will get you out of control! The last few years we have seen Dj Turbo playing at various local night clubs, special events and local parties.

For him it’s all about the groove and the atmosphere within the house and trance music scene. The whole picture makes him happy, he absolutely can’t imagine life without music.He is obsessed by getting lost in the music, free from daily stress.

Dj Turbo is ready to show you his skills and take you with him in his own world!


Lievin started at 14 years old with nothing but an old turn table and a cd player getting addicted to house. Played several residences in my home town for 20 years now and still loving it!
I love deejaying because it allow me to connect to all kinds of people.

The feeling of becoming one with the crowd is better than anything else…

Flashback stage

12:00 - 15:00


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