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Kenn Colt


Kenn Colt (born 24 June 1988) is a Belgian music producer and  DJ. He was born and raised near Zolder, Limburg in Belgium. He began his DJ career at age of 16. Kenn Colt took his career to the next level in the nightclub scene early 2012 by laying down tracks at Versuz Club and becoming the official PACHA Ibiza World Tour Belgian DJ.

After global tours across Europe, Asia &North America, including performances  at Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld,Kenn Colt continues  to pick  up steam. Besides touring, he was also very active developing his own sound and producing multiple releases.   

After Kenn Colt’s debut single “Feels Like A River”, Kenn is back with another summer-bound hit titled “Sanctify”. This single will be out on July 15th on Warner Music in the Benelux. The track tabs Danish singer Ilang, who has already received co-signs from the likes of CeeLo Green and received major hit success with this ex-band “TheBenefits” signed to the American label Universal Republic. “Sanctify" arrives in true Kenn Colt fashion, airy guitar strums  and delicate shakers enveloped in a velvety top line..

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