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Davidov vs Black Frank


At a very young age Davidov developped a love for music by growing-up at his mom’s music-café, playing in several bands as a teenager and through skateboarding. When he started going-out in the 90’s - when hip-hop was at it’s best - his love and interest in the urban genre grew and he knew he wanted to be a “better-than-average” (sometimes boring) hip-hop dj. Less focus on the gents, more focus on the ladies.

By practicing day and night, to improve his mixing skills, he started searching for a signature. By the end of the 90’s, when lots of producers and artists started making music TOGETHER, he also blended different styles, acapellas, instrumentals and genres into one big “urban-flavoured” mash.

Early 2000 he started hosting thursdays at Ghent’s infamous  “Decadance”, got residencies at “Charlatan”, gained the respect of Pioneers such as TLP - who promoted him allover town -, The Glimmers – who gave him a shot at the right place and time -, and 2 Many DJ’s  - who gave him a good push in the right direction – he soon became a common name in the Ghent City nightlife. And so did the legendary events he hosted.

When Culture Club opened it’s doors in 2003, Davidov became the stand-in for TLP in the urban room and by 2008, when his interest in other genres grew, he became a resident in Culture Club’s Main Room.  Still playing his mashed-up signature-style, but more focussed on club-music (house, electro, …).

He became an influencer in the Belgian nightlife and beyond, toured the world by playing Holland, France, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Poland, USA (NY), and more…

Besides DJ’ing, Davidov is also a booker for multiple events and clubs (City Queens, Club 69, Poplife, …), he’s a communications expert for Nasty Mondays and also a bedroom-producer. He remixed both underground and pop-artists and proved to be skilled in that area. Gabriel Rios, Zornik, Lady Linn, The Subs, Audiofun, Drake, Janet Jackson, Jungle Brothers, Ol’ Dirty Bastard and many more allready got remixed by Davidov – or one of his alter ego’s - and there’s a lot more to come!

Nowadays Davidov is focussing on his DJ-career from a different perspective. Combining small, cosy club and party-gigs (Charlatan, Club 69, Magic, Forty Five, …), big venues and events (Culture Club, Versuz, City Queens, Funky Fabric, …) and festival stages (Tomorrowland, Feest ih Park, Lokerse Feesten, Summer Festival, Laundry Day, …).

His sole purpose now is giving people a night to remember, by blending quality tunes from different genres into one tasty mash. Focussing on “power and sex”, respecting the classics in every genre and never neglecting his own roots.


Black Frank is een Gentse legende in de urban underground. Denk aan de lekkerste R&B, hiphop en soulschijven, een krioelende massa op de dansvloer en een nacht die eindeloos lijkt te duren.

Fantasy stage

18:00 - 19:30


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