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Djbountyhunter, Stefan Melis, started his professional career in 1992 at the brand new Bonzai records label.  Before that he was allready dj-ing in club TGV's in his hometown .

Bountyhunter with a sample from Star Wars in it was his first track and Woops the second. After these records, there came a load of other tracks on bonzai records and later also on q dance, byte records and alaska swimming gear. ( rmx for and with robert armani, felix the housecat, yves deruyter,  collabs with YDR ,  franky jones,  etc)
The indians also came from his hand ,  d devils rmx, A&G, hard one , klang klang , doh etc Woops was one of the most known from this artist and  that is why he is still booked even these days.

He played back then in the 90s in cherrymoon , montini, planet hardcore, tgvs, extreme, BBC etc  as resident  and on uncountable many partys and clubs all over Europe.

These days he still playing every week on many festivals and known party's  ( defcon1, decibel, bonzai partys , legacy, summerfestival, etc.)

His styles are retro, old skool, early rave, early hardcore, freestyle , hardstyle,  old trance and house

But he is exploring his job as a  producer  in the EDM, bigroom and trance  under his second alias  Steve Romani

Flashback stage

17:30 - 18:30


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